Why 3V3

Coaches and players agree – 3v3 soccer is the best way to develop players.  Using a small field and maximizing player touches, 3v3 teaches players the game of soccer within the game of soccer.  Players leave each 3v3 session with a passion to learn more and play more.


Why 3v3?

Create your own fun name!

Design your own uniforms

Small teams—3-6 players per team

No certified coach necessary

Families welcome

No club affiliation needed

Quick starts with kick-ins

Quick substitutions, lots of playing time

Onsite activities and delicious sampling


3v3 junkie?

Track ranking points awarded for participating in Kick It events

Qualify for the USA 3v3 National Championships

Qualify for the Disney 3v3 Championships

Participate in one of Kick It’s leagues, academies or soccer programs


Why Kick It 3v3?

Kick It is celebrating 25 years as the largest national grassroots soccer tour the U.S. The original Disney World qualifier, providing over 5 million kids and families with a fun, safe, healthy, experience

Home of the Elite Invitational Division (E.I.D.)—The best of the best

Home of the biggest and best local, partner and affiliate 3v3 tournaments

Home of the biggest and best 3v3 regional championships


3v3 SOCCER is the BEST way to develop the following soccer skills:

  • Create more touches per player
  • Learn spacing / supporting shape
  • Win 1v1 battles using support & balance from teammates
  • Develop more confidence in attacking & defending
  • Increase ball possession & build confidence in controlling the ball in tight spaces
  • Enhance players’ speed of play, field vision, & field awareness


Younger age groups (8 years old and younger) play on a 20 yard by 30 yard field, while older age groups and adults play on a 30 yard by 40 yard field.  The goal is 4 feet tall by 8 feet wide.


No goalies, high-scoring, fast movement, each player touches the ball constantly and learns the 3-player game. This concept helps each player move to the full-sided 11v11 game with confidence and skill.