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The Tour

Kick It 3v3 Soccer Tournaments:


Local Tournaments:

Local tournaments (Local & Affiliate) make up 80% of the Kick It 3v3 Soccer Tour. Spanning over 50 cities with an additional 30-40 affiliate tournaments, teams compete with their local competition for Rankings points and for qualification to Regional Championships.

Partner Events: Teams that participate at Kick It 3v3 Partner Events such as Challenge 3v3 Nationals will have the opportunity to use these events as Qualifying Events.

Regional Championships:

Regional Championships bring the best of the competition regionally to one event. Great destination cities and best of the best playing facilities are chosen to be the host sites for the Regional Championships. This is where the competition rises to a whole new level.

Kick It 3v3  Championships:

“The greatest 3v3 soccer tournament on the planet…” Where the best teams from everywhere come to compete. Find out where you rank against the best of the best. The Kick It 3v3 World Championships will be held at the end of July/early August  in Vail, CO.

Official Kick It Tour Stop

Become the official host partner and tour stop of a local, regional or national tournament. Kick It 3v3 staff manages, promotes and executes the tournaments.


Affiliate Tournaments

Partner with Kick It for a new or existing tournament. Kick It offers a variety of plans that let you choose your involvement or profit level. For information about becoming an official Affiliate, or for more information about our Affiliate Tournaments, please contact a Kick It 3v3 staff member.