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Current Win Streak 6 games: Speedy Midgets
Current Losing Streak 5 games: Elemonators
Longest Win Streak 6 games: Speedy Midgets
Longest Losing Streak 5 games: Del Fuego, Elemonators
Games won by 1 goal margin 20
2 goal margin 12
3 goal margin 5
4 goal margin 9
5+ goal margin 22
Most Wins 6 Speedy Midgets
Fewest Losses 0 Speedy Midgets, Team
Most Ties 2 Windsor Warriors U15, Del Fuego, 3 V The World, Kittiez
Fewest Wins 0 Team Awful, SWAT, Castle Rock Storm, Elemonators
Most Losses 5 Del Fuego, Elemonators
Fewest Ties 0 #twerkteam, goal diggers, Atletico, Panthers, Pitch Perfect, NHSG, SWAT, Eagles, Speedy Midgets, For Kicks, Kittens, Castle Rock Storm, Fire FC, Grass Stains, Avengers, Elemonators
Most Goals Scored 46 Speedy Midgets
Highest Goals Scored Average 7.67 Speedy Midgets
Fewest Goals Against 10 Speedy Midgets
Fewest Goals Against Average 1.67 Speedy Midgets
Highest Goal Difference 36 Speedy Midgets
Fewest Goals Scored 9 Team Awful, SWAT
Lowest Goals Scored Average 2 Windsor Warriors U15
Most Goals Against 47 Elemonators
Highest Goals Against Average 9.40 Elemonators
Lowest Goal Difference -28 Elemonators
Most Shut Outs 2 Atletico
Fewest Games Failed to Score 0 #twerkteam, Wii Not Fit, The Avengers, goal diggers, Team Awful, Atletico, Pitch Perfect, Eagles, Speedy Midgets, Kittens, Castle Rock Storm, Team, Fire FC, Kittiez, Squids, Grass Stains, Avengers
Most Games Failed to Score 2 3 V The World, SWAT